School Facilities

At Sacred Heart, we believe that an all round education is important for development. Children have access to a high quality education in all subjects covered by the National Curriculum, together with opportunities for creative, sporting and cultural activities.

We have a huge, extended hall; extended classrooms; 50 laptops; and a sports court in addition to substantial playgrounds, playing field and nature area.

Group activities are set in an inviting environment throughout the school.
Sacred Heart Playground

The school boasts a large playing field, two playgrounds (juniors and infants) and a substantial nature area, which surround the school. Each class helps with the maintenance of the garden and the feeding of the wildlife. Some vegetable patches have also been introduced in the infant playground. Each class has an allotment, plants their own seeds and looks after its own crops.

Trim trail

A trim trail has been installed for the children to use during break times and PE sessions. On site there is a small friendly preschool where children from the age of 2-3 years are welcomed. Reception and preschool children share the same outdoor area as part of the continuous provision that the school provides for foundation aged pupils.

Indoors, the children have access to a good size hall and a library which they can use on a regular basis. Each classroom has a whiteboard and at least 2 computers to support the ICT curriculum. A trolley containing 20 laptops is at the teachers' disposibility throughout the week. Group activities are set in an inviting environment throughout the school.

Group activities

And finally, extra-curricular activities are on offer throughout the year. They range from sport activities (netball, tag rugby, football, tennis, wake up and shake up) to music lessons (various instruments), choir and drama.