News - April Newsletter

April Newsletter

The children are starting to benefit from the warmer weather with more activities outdoors, particularly using our extensive grounds for science, PE and art activities. We have lots of sporting activities next term, and several competitions to participate in. Thank you to our staff for their hard work with this terms extra activities.

We hope everyone enjoys the Easter holidays, and we return on Monday 16th April.

Mr Eaton

28/03/18 Journey to the Cross
28/03/18 Easter Chocolate Bingo 6pm
29/03/18 Close for Easter 1.30pm
09/04/18 Inauguration of the New Bishop of Lancaster, Lancaster Cathedral
16/04/18 Return to school
19/04/18 Wyre Cricket Finals B/P Sports Centre
24/04/18 Meet the Governors 3pm in school
25/04/18 High 5 Netball Tournament 1pm
27/04/18 Year 5 Assembly 9.05am
04/05/18 Year 4 Assembly 9.05am
04/05/18 Y3/4 Girls Football Poolfoot Farm 1pm
11/05/18 Year 3 Assembly 9.05am
14/05/18 Year 6 SATs Week
17/05/18 Wyre Netball Finals B/P sports centre
20/05/18 First Holy Communion Mass 10am
25/05/18 Year 2 Assembly 9.05am
14/06/18 Sports Day at Poolfoot Farm 1pm
22/06/18 Year 1 Assembly 9.05am
06/07/18 Reception Assembly 9.05am

Well done to our School Choir who performed at the Marine Hall in the annual Last Choir Standing competition. The children were exemplary with their performance and conduct, and they held their nerve to perform in front of so many people. Congratulations to Mrs Bowden and the choir!

Congratulations to Trayden Jarrett, who won the schools cross country race at Stanah. Our boys team won the team event, and our overall team came second, missing out on first place by 1 point! Congratulations to Grace Oates for coming 2nd in the girls competition. Well done to our team: Grace, Trayden, Dominic Birch, Reece Hughes, Mia Bradley and Bethany Hutchinson.

Congratulations to Dominic Birch, Grace Oates and Jonathan Fielding for representing Lancashire at the Regional Games in Sportcity. They produced excellent performances, and we are proud of their achievements.

Congratulations to our school Netball team, for winning the District netball league. This is the fifth time in six years that we achieved this feat! Well done to Isabella Urmston, Mia Bradley, Kristen Beswick, Taylor McCarron, Jonathan Fielding, Elliotte Wheeldon and Reece Hughes.

Just to remind everyone, we finish for Easter on Thursday 29th March at 1.30pm, and re-open on Monday 16th April.

We have recently donated money to fund costumes and props for The Lion King and the Music Festival, and contributed to paying for the Panto trip and coaches, and paid for new line markings on the playgrounds. We have had the Mothers Day event on 9th March, and the Easter Chocolate Bingo will take place on Wednesday 28th March at 6pm in school.

Thank you to Mrs Rae for all her hard work, with support from Mrs Boulton and several parents, for the extremely successful performance at the Opera House. We have lots of wonderful feedback regarding how well the children performed, and the audience clearly loved their performance. Congratulations!

On behalf of all the staff involved with The Lion King production, we would like to congratulate all the children involved in the fantastic performances. The children have utterly excelled, with superb acting, singing and dancing, particularly with all the songs and dances they learned.

Thank you to all of the adults and staff who have supported the children. Their dedication and commitment is mirrored in the efforts of the children, who have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience. Thank you especially to Abbie Heatley and Emily Urmston, former pupils and current Cardinal Allen students, for their incredible contributions in preparing the children for the performances.

Congratulations to both our Quiz teams for finishing fourth at the Top of the Wyre Quiz, and winning the Fleetwood High School Science Quiz, for the first ever time!

Well done to: Dominic Birch, Matthew Avis, Scarlett Tushingham, Leona Donnelly and Kristen Beswick.

Our cricket team will be playing in the Wyre cricket finals on Thursday 19th April at Blackpool Sports Centre. This is the first time we have qualified for any Wyre finals, so good luck to the team!

Congratulations to Scarlett Tushingham for her incredible performances in ice skating, culminating in become the Northwest Ice Skating Champion for 2018. Scarlett displays incredible strength, poise, balance and stamina in her performances. Well done Scarlett!

If you need childcare before or after school, please see the school office, or ring Mrs Porter direct on 07538924508. We have extended opening until 6pm. The cost of the morning session is £2.75 and the after school session is £5.50.

The Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am until school time, and children receive food and drinks at both the breakfast and after school clubs.

In addition to no longer being allowed to authorise holiday absences, we are now expected to see evidence of appointments, if your child requires a medical appointment during school time. Please contact school before 9.30 a.m. if your child is absent, otherwise the absence could be deemed unauthorised.

Articles of jewellery are not allowed in school, as they could cause injury to the wearer or another person. Earrings have been a constant source of argument and injury in the past. The Local Authority bans them for P.E. and swimming. The Governors of this school have ruled that no jewellery, other than a wrist watch, can be worn in school. Shoes must be worn as standard uniform. Nail varnish is also not to be worn by children.

Please can all property and clothing belonging to your children have their names written or sewn in.

Please use plain hair bands and clips for childrens hair. Fashion bows or headbands are not part of our school uniform. Please can long hair be tied back.
At Sacred Heart, Mohican hairstyles and shaved patterns into hair are not acceptable.

Please make sure that the medicines permission form has been completed if your child needs prescribed medicine in school. If you need a form (for prescribed medicines only), please contact the school office or see Mrs. Bowden

If you would like to add your child to the admissions list, please see me or Mrs Fairclough. If you have a sibling of a child currently at Sacred Heart, it is still worth registering with us. We also hold registers of interest for 2018 and 2019.

Well done to our children competing in their first football event for the school, they competed against the other local schools, and enjoyed the competition!

Please could all parents refrain from using the school car park at all times. This includes when collecting children from clubs that finish at 4.30pm, as we do not have the space for all cars, and to protect the safety of parents and children.

We are continuing to retain our school meal price at £1.65 per meal, which we will continue to keep for the foreseeable future, still the lowest of all the local schools. School requires two weeks notice if you change from school dinner to packed lunch or vice versa.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Mothers Day event and sending in presents and money, and to the Catholic Womens League and Friends of Sacred Heart for wrapping the gifts.

We are competing in several upcoming tournaments, including Orienteering, Y3/4 Gymnastics, several football matches, girls football matches, a Hockey competition, the Wyre netball tournament and the Wyre Netball finals at Blackpool sports centre.

Thank you to all the staff who have given up their time to start clubs for the children already this term.

Dance for infants (Mrs Rae) Mon 3.30-4.15pm
Change4life: Fri 3.30pm-4.30pm
Athletics (Wed 3.30pm-4.30pm Y4-6)
Wake up Shake Up (Mon/Wed/ Fri before school)
Football Y4/5/6 (Mon)
Homework Club Thursday 3.30-4.30pm
Girls Football: Fri lunch, Running Club: Tue 8.20am, Friday 12.10pm
Tag Rugby 12.40pm most lunch times
Choir: KS2 Thur 8.20am (Mrs Bowden), Chess Tue 3.30-4.30pm
Netball Y5/6 Thur 3.30-4.30pm
Fitness Bootcamp: Tue 3.30-4.30pm
Running: Tue 8.20am, lunchtimes

There will be other running opportunities in school time.