Physical Education


The children of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School will develop and master the three key attributes linked to AFPE’s Head, Hands, Heart and follow the Lancashire Physical Education Scheme of Work from Reception through to Year 6.

Allowing the children to develop vital skills including: thinking and decision-making, to be physically active, to be competitive, be physically competent and gain emotional and social character building values.

Physical Education is the perfect vehicle through which to develop the crucial skills and attributes required for the modern world.

All children are encouraged, to the best of their ability, to become a whole, rounded person in a challenging and stimulating environment. (Paul Eaton 2022).

The primary aim is to develop in each child’s self-confidence through understanding their own capabilities and limitations as well as those of others.


During the academic year, children will have the opportunity to be involved in many extra-curricular activities, recently these have included football, rugby, cricket, golf, gymnastics, dance, netball and Athletics. We endeavour to participate in a wide variety Sports Competitions in and out of school.

As a school, we will ensure the children have the efficient skills (socially, physically and tactically) to take part in extra-curricular activities and competitions. These skills will, once again, link with our school values of ‘not giving up’ and aiding in confidence building.


The impact will be monitored via PE Passport assessments. Teachers evaluation of the AFPE’s Head, Hand, Heart model for each child. The teachers will follow the Lancashire Physical Education Scheme of Work to ensure high quality PE is delivered during the year. Allowing us to track the progress of the Cognitive, Physical and Social and Emotional aspects of the child through Physical Education as they make their way up the school. A 3-year plan will be created by the PE Coordinator to ensure the school’s PE aims are met sufficiently. During the 3 years, the impact of the PE Curriculum and School Sport will be monitored, including case studies to be conducted by the PE Coordinator to evident the impact of the PE curriculum at Sacred Heart.


Our intent is due to be implemented by allowing the staff of Sacred Heart to assist in designing the PE Curriculum. CPD for teachers through Fleetwood Town Football Club Community Trust Coaches and the PE Coordinator will allow teachers to secure their knowledge of PE and to ensure the AFPE’s Head, Hands, Heart model is displayed throughout as a whole school approach to PE.

Staff development is a high priority at Sacred Heart, and the school boasts a professional team with considerable expertise. (Paul Eaton 2022).

Lessons will include aspects from all three of the AFPE Head. Hands, Heart model allowing children to achieve the PE curriculum objectives as well as achieving our school values. Our school values include: children not giving up, helping each other and never leaving anyone out. These values will be incorporated in our PE lessons.

Physical Education Time

We aim to deliver at least 2 hours a week of Physical Education and offer children a wide variety of extra-curricular activities each week. This includes external sporting competitions.

Sports and PE Provision 2022

PE Long Term Plans 2019-2020

Lancashire PE Scheme of Work 2020