News - January Newsletter

January Newsletter

On behalf of the staff and governors, I would like wish everyone a happy new year.

Thank you to the children for the way in which they have started the new year.

They have returned to school and picked up where they left of, in terms of hard work and enthusiasm for school life.

Mr Eaton


Thank you to everyone, staff, children and parents, for their hard work in organising the school fair, which was a great success, making over £1100.


We would like to express our thanks to the staff, children and parents who supported all of our Christmas performances, and we appreciate the positive comments following the performances, especially as the hard work from our children and staff paid off!


Congratulations to the musicians who performed so well at the music concert, and to Year 3 for their Samba performance and Year 5 for their ukulele performance. We would also like to thank Mr Fox, Mrs Taylor, Mr Smith, Mrs Hulme, Mrs Shipway and Mr Johnson for supporting the children in school, in both the practices and lessons.


It has been a pleasure to teach Year 5 for the last year in swimming, and all the swimming teachers involved have been delighted with their progress.

Year 4 will be starting swimming on Wednesday 25th February, and we are looking forward to giving the opportunity to the children to swim for a year.


11/01/16 New Year Mass in Church 9.15am

12/01/16 Football league 6-a-side tournament 10-2pm

12/01/16 Friends of Sacred Heart meeting 3.30pm

15/01/16 Year 6 Assembly 9.05am

20/01/16 Regional athletics final at Blackpool Sports Centre 6-8.30pm

22/01/16 Year 5 Assembly 9.05am

29/01/16 Year 4 Assembly 9.05am

04/02/16 Biathlon event at Rossall Y4-6 1.30pm

05/02/16 Year 3 Assembly

10/2/16 Swimming Gala at Fleetwood 3.45-5.45pm

12/02/16 Year 2 Assembly

12/2/16 Finish for half term 3.30pm

22/2/16 Return to school

26/02/16 Year 1 Assembly

08/03/16 Music Festival at the Opera House 6.30pm

18/03/16 Reception Assembly

24/03/16 finish for Easter 1.30pm


Father Peter will be announcing the dates for the Holy Communion programme shortly.  Children in Year 3 or older who have not yet taken their First Holy Communion will be welcome to take part.

Later in 2016, the older children who have taken their Holy Communion will be invited to be take part in the Confirmation programme, which will be led by Bishop Michael in November.


Thank you to all the children who auditioned for Joseph, with over 100 children showing an interest in participating in our next show.  Congratulations to the children shortlisted for acting parts, and there will be a role for every child in the show who auditioned.

Thank you to the children for the commitment, and to Miss Darville, Mrs Bowden and Mrs Birch for their hard work in preparing the children.

The performance dates (in school) are as follows:

Tuesday 1st March 6.00pm

-Thursday 3rd March 6.00pm

-Friday 4th March 1.30pm


Articles of jewellery are not allowed in school, they could cause injury to the wearer or another person. Earrings have been a constant source of argument and injury in the past. The Local Authority bans them for P.E. and swimming. The Governors of this school have ruled that no jewellery, other than a wrist watch, can be worn in school.  Shoes must be worn as standard uniform.  Please ensure all nail varnish is removed before attending school.


Please can all property and clothing belonging to your children have their names written or sewn in.


If you need childcare before or after school, please see the school office, or ring Mrs Porter or Mrs Melling direct on 07538924508.  We have extended opening until 6pm.

The Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am until school time, and children receive food and drinks at both the breakfast and after school clubs.


Our children in the Athletics team are now preparing for the Regional Finals, held at Blackpool Sports Centre, on Wednesday 20th January, with a place in the Lancashire Finals at stake!

We are taking part in two other events this half term, with the annual football tournament being organised by Fleetwood Town FC, and competing in February at the Schools’ Swimming Gala.  Rossall are also holding a biathlon for Y4-6 in February which several children will participate in.


At Sacred Heart, Mohican hairstyles and shaved patterns into hair are not acceptable.


Thank you to Mrs Rae for all her hard work, with support from several staff, as she prepares the children for the Blackpool Music Festival on Tuesday 8th March, at Blackpool Opera House.


If you would like to add your child to the admissions list, please see me or Mrs Fairclough.  If you have a sibling of a child currently at Sacred Heart, it is still worth registering with us.  We also hold registers of interest for 2016 and 2017.


We have our next meeting of the school year on Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 3.30pm, and all parents and grandparents are welcome to attend, and share new (and old) ideas for our school social and fundraising events.


If there is any child who would like to learn to play the violin, guitar, keyboard, clarinet, flute or brass, please speak to Mr Eaton or Mrs Fairclough, and we can arrange this for you.


We are continuing to retain our school meal price at £1.65 per meal, which we will continue to keep for the foreseeable future, still the lowest of all the local schools.   School requires two week notice if you change from school dinner to packed lunch or vice versa.


Thank you to all the staff who have given up their time to start clubs for the children already this term.

Dance for infants (Mrs Rae) (Tue 8.15am)

Joseph Rehearsals (Wed 3.30-4.30pm)

Change4life: Y5/6 Fri 3.30pm—4.30pm

Athletics & Bootcamp (Tue 3.30pm-4.30pm Y3-6)

Wake up Shake Up (Mon/Wed/ Fri before school)

Homework Club Thursday 3.30-4.30pm

Music Festival Y3-6 Monday 3.30 to 4.30pm

Tag Rugby: KS2 Thu lunch, Boccia Thu 3.30pm (5 wks)

Girls Football: Fri lunch


Please could all parents refrain from using the school car park when collecting children from clubs that finish at 4.30pm.


Thank you to the choir, Mrs Bowden and Mrs Johnson for arranging to visit three care homes to sing Christmas carols and entertain the residents, it was very much appreciated by the residents and staff of all the nursing homes.