News - July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

JULY 2019 newsletter

On behalf of the staff of Sacred Heart, we would like to thank all parents, Governors and parishioners for their help and support throughout the year.  I would like to thank all the children for all their hard work, and we intend to keep up the achievement next year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer holiday, and we finish at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July!

Mr Eaton



28/06/19 Race4life 2.15pm, Non-uniform day

30/06/19 Church Summer Fair 10am in school

01/07/19 Y3/4 trip to Liverpool World Museum

02/07/19 Spar Youth Games (Hockey team)

03/07/19 Area Athletics competition Northfold

04/07/19 Summer Fair 2.30pm

05/07/19 Reception Assembly 9.05am

08/07/19 Choir Assembly 9am

08/07/19 Day of Quidditch! (Year 5)

09/07/19 Music Concert 3.30pm

10/07/19 Rounders competition at M. Beach

11/07/19 Pre-school assembly 9am

12/07/19 Year 2 Assembly 9am

15/07/19 Y5/6 trip to Lancaster

16/07/19 Day of Archery

18/07/19 Y6 Leaver’s Mass 9.15am

19/07/19 Year 6 Assembly 9.05am

19/07/19 Finish school 1.30pm

03/09/19 Return to school!


Thank you to all the parents and family members who supported the children for our sports day.  The children produced many exciting races, and thank you to our staff for preparing the sports day.  Thank you also to all competitors in the parents’ race, and for being good sports!


 We have two more  school trips planned:

· Monday 1st July– Y3/4 trip to Liverpool World Museum

· Monday 15th July-Y5/6 trip to Lancaster Castle and Williamson Park



We are looking forward to hosting our fourth Race4Life!  All children will participate (as part of their PE lessons / Daily Mile).  All spectators are encouraged to participate, there will be an entrance charge for all spectators.  All parents and family members are welcome to participate– please bring water and suncream!!

Additionally, there is the major Race4Life event on Blackpool promenade at 7pm on Wednesday 10th July, with over 2000 participants– and men are allowed to run this year too!



We also have the Summer Fair on 4th July– if you have any unwanted toys, books etc, all donations will be welcome!  Thank you to all parents for your generosity with the non-uniform day.  If anyone is available to help that would appreciated.



Year 6 had their residential visit to Borwick Hall, and had a great time.  We thank the staff who gave up their time to attend the visit, and everyone had a wonderful experience.



Well done to our children competing in the football league for the school. They have competed well against the other local schools, with some excellent performances– I hope the children continue to play at high school, and take inspiration from our Lionesses!



We had a day of yoga led by Laura from Little Yogis, and Impact Blackpool are coming in to give our children an archery experience.  Year 5 are also having a day of Quidditch!



We are competing in several upcoming tournaments, including girls’ football matches, the Lancashire Finals for Hockey, Athletics and Rounders.



Congratulations to our girls’ cricket team for playing some excellent cricket to finish fourth in the Wyre cricket tournament.  Congratulations also to our mixed gender Y5 cricket team, who played well at the Wyre cricket tournament, and tour Y5/6 team who came fourth in their tournament.



 Congratulations to the children in Years 3 and 4 for finishing 6th in the Wyre Tennis Tournament.  Thank you to our staff for preparing the children.



Well done to our golf team, who finished 5th at the Wyre Tri-golf tournament.



Our summer music concert is on Tuesday 9th July from 3.30pm, for all of Years 3 and 4, and individual musicians.



We are looking at changing our lights to low-energy LED lights.  We have already started with a few rooms, and the running costs have lowered substantially already.


PHOTOGRAPHS: We can no longer allow photographs and videos to be taken during any performances, including any concert, assembly, sports day or Nativities.

Thank you to everyone for their understanding with this issue.  This does allow the audience to relax and enjoy the performances more!

This also includes the Leavers’ Assembly.



If you need childcare before or after school, please see the school office, or ring Mrs Porter direct on 07538924508.  We have extended opening until 6pm.   The cost of the morning session is £2.75 and the after school session is £5.50.  Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and cancellations fees now strictly apply.

The Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am until school time, and children receive food and drinks at both the breakfast and after school clubs.  The children also get access to our new TV / Relax room! 



In addition to no longer being allowed to authorise holiday absences, we are now expected to see evidence of appointments, if your child requires a medical appointment during school time. Please contact school before 9.30 a.m. if your child is absent, otherwise the absence could be deemed unauthorised.



Articles of jewellery are not allowed in school, as they could cause injury to the wearer or another person. Earrings have been a constant source of argument and injury in the past. The Local Authority bans them for P.E. and swimming. The Governors of this school have ruled that no jewellery, other than a wrist watch, can be worn in school. Shoes must be worn as standard uniform.  Nail varnish is also not be worn by children.



Please can all property and clothing belonging to your children have their names written or sewn in.



Please use plain hair bands and clips for children’s hair, fashion bows or headbands are not part of our school uniform.  At Sacred Heart, Mohican hairstyles and shaved patterns into hair are not acceptable.



Please make sure that the medicines permission form has been completed if your child needs prescribed medicine in school. If you need a form (for prescribed medicines only), please contact the school office or see Mrs. Bowden


If you would like to add your child to the admissions list, please see Mrs Porter or Mrs Bird. If you have a sibling of a child currently at Sacred Heart, it is still worth registering with us. We also hold registers of interest for 2020 and 2021!



We are now planning ahead to the Summer Fair, and considering stalls, games and activities for the event.


Our children will be having their moving up afternoons, and are aware already who their class teachers will be:

Reception: Mrs Bowden, Year 1 Miss Darville, Year 2 Mrs Wilson, Year 3 Mrs Pagen, Year 4 Miss Bradley, Year 5 Mr Santamera, and Year 6 Mrs Brodrick.



Please could all parents refrain from using the school car park at all times. This includes when collecting children from clubs that finish at 4.30pm, as we do not have the space for all cars, and to protect the safety of parents and children.



Please do not drive up the school drive at all during the beginning or end of the school days.  Please can parents refrain from walking on the drive, as it is dangerous, potentially life-threatening and a terrible example to children.   We have a barriered pedestrian path suitable for everyone.  If you use a taxi company to collect or drop off children, taxis are also not allowed in the school car park.  We have very limited space, so we cannot have parents, grandparents or taxis on the school drive and car park.



We are continuing to retain our school meal price at £1.65 per meal, which we will continue to keep for the foreseeable future, still the lowest of all the local schools. School requires two weeks notice if you change from school dinner to packed lunch or vice versa.  The children who have regular school dinners are eligible for a prize draw later this term.



Thank you to all the staff who have given up their time to start clubs for the children already this term.

Dance for infants (Mrs Rae) (Mon 3.30-4.15pm)

Change4life: Y1/2 Fri 3.30pm—4.30pm

Athletics (Wed 3.30pm-4.30pm Y4-6)

Wake up Shake Up (Mon/Wed/ Fri before school)

Football Y3/4/5/6—lunchtimes

Choir: Y2-6 Thur 8.20am (Mrs Bowden) – last one 4/7/19

Art Club Y5/6: Monday 3.30-4.30pm

There will be other running opportunities in school time.

Bootcamp (Y5/6)- Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm

KS1 football: Mon 3.30-4.30pm

KS2 football: Tue 3.30-4.30pm