Our Aims and Objectives

We are a community of believers aiming to provide for the children in our care an excellence of education, rooted in and sustained by our shared commitment to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

 Children are encouraged to learn through first hand experiences in a stimulating environment.  Staff development is a high priority at Sacred Heart, and the school boasts a professional team with considerable expertise.

 Our school aims to prepare children for living and learning responsibly in society and provide the highest standards of Catholic education by:


  •  Recognising that all children are at different stages in their faith journey and their individual needs.


  • Developing an awareness of the love of God through regular prayer and worship.


  • Enabling each child to progress towards the realisation of their full potential, regardless of their background, and we acknowledge each person to be equal in the eyes of God and therefore worthy of respect.


  • We say sorry, support and forgive each other just as Jesus showed us.


  • Recognise that parents are the first educators and encouraging a three-fold partnership between home, school and parish.


  • Monitoring our performance to maintain and promote high standards.


  • To foster understanding of and participation in the worldwide global community.


  • To recognise and share the joys and sorrows of daily life as an expression of God’s love.


 Children’s Aims

  •  We aim to be friends with everyone in our school


  • We want to love one another


  • We will always help each other


  • We will never leave anyone out


  • We will never give up