School Meals & Free School Meals

At Sacred Heart, we charge only £1.90 per school meal, the cheapest anywhere!

Sacred Heart School Lunches

It is now commonly accepted that in addition to aiding children’s physical development, consuming the right foods in their correct quantities improves their ability and behaviour to concentrate, learn and interact with others.


.  Good food comes from good ingredients

.  Fresh, appetising, delicious

.  Nutritious, fulfilling, creative


We have an experienced, friendly and smiling team who understand how food can sometimes be stressful for young children and strive to ensure that lunchtime food is fun!

*All meals are offered with salad, wholemeal bread and at least 2 vegetable selections.

*Fresh fruit is available everyday

*All cakes and biscuits served are freshly made

*Menus are on a 3 week cycle and reviewed twice a year


The team pride themselves on getting to know the children and understanding likes/dislikes and specific needs whilst encouraging them to try new tastes.

  • A school lunch provides 2 of your child’s ‘5 a Day’ portions of fruit and vegetables.
  • We take pride in sourcing local fresh food – our Free Range eggs come from local farms and our milk comes from cows grazed in Lancashire.
  • Our menus are planned and analysed to provide the nutrients your child needs for a healthy diet.

Please let us know if your child has been prescribed a special diet. There may be some small changes to the menu on certain days.

All our lunches are served with seasonal vegetables or as much as your child wants from the salad bars, plus pudding, yoghurt or fresh fruit.

We ask all parents to pay for school meals via Parent Pay. If you want your child to have a school lunch please contact the school office in the first instance. We require notice to change from packed lunches to school meals and also if coming off school meals.

If you think your child should be entitled to Free School Meals please click on the following link:-

You will be asked for roof of eligibility, if your child is entitled to Free School Meals it is vital that you still apply even if your child is in KS1 where all children have a free school meal as you may also be entitled to other concessions within school. i.e. Milk and school benefits with extra funding to put into resources for pupils.