Our swimming gala team achieved outstanding and unprecedented success at the Gala before half term. We have previously won the title of best single form entry school, coming third overall. But this year, we came first overall!!

Our team became the first single form entry, and the first school outside Fleetwood, to win the entire Gala, and become Wyre Swimming Champions 2013!

Congratulations to all of the children. Every individual and relay team reaching the final, which again is unprecedented, with all finishing third or higher in the actual finals! Seven of the ten entries also won their heats!

Congratulations to the following children: Holly Whiteside, George Smith, Erin Brodrick, Isobel Wheeldon, Ryan McGreevy, Lily Eaton, Michael Ross, Sam Thorpe-Davis, Ellie Baines, Maja Kazmierczak, Safron Rogerson, James Rowe, Matthew Hayes, Emily Urmston, Joshua Rolinson, Sam Reese.

Holly came third in the backstroke final, while Ryan (freestyle), Erin (freestyle), Lily (breaststroke), Michael (breaststroke) and Matthew (backstroke) all came second in the individual finals.

The boys freestyle relay team came third in the final (Sam, James, George and Joshua), and the girls freestyle relay team came second in the final (Maja, Safron, Ellie and Isobel).

We have two Wyre school Relay Champions, with our Mixed Breaststroke Relay team (Erin, Lily, Michael, Ryan) and Mixed Backstroke Relay team (Holly, Matthew, Sam and Emily). Congratulations to both teams for finishing first in the final.

Thank you to Mrs McGreevy, Mrs Boulton and all the staff involved for their teaching and support of the children.