News - Year 1 Welcome Letter

Year 1 Welcome Letter

I hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and I am sure you are now ready to start the new school year, so welcome to Year 1! I am looking forward to getting to know you and working together so that we can have a very exciting and productive year. I hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Year 1 has to offer!

Transition from Reception to Year 1

Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Reception. Learning through play will play a part of the school day, however, the children will be quickly eased into more formal learning so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners. Please do not hesitate to come and see me either after school if you have any questions or queries.

Reading in Year 1

On a Tuesday, your child will be given two books to take home to read. Their reading books will be accompanied with a Reading Diary. I would be very grateful if you could write a short message about your child’s reading of the books that they have been given to read. This can include: words that they had trouble reading, if they enjoyed the book or strategies that helped them to sound out the words etc. Unfortunately, we cannot change your child’s reading book if there has not been a detailed message written in their Reading Diaries. The children will also have lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books throughout the week at school.

Mr. Bookworm

After myself or Miss Churms have read the detailed comments left for your child in their Reading Journals, they will be able to colour in a section of their Bookworm. The child with most parts of the Bookworm coloured in by the end of the half term will win a prize.


Star Winners

Every day, two Star Winners will be chosen from the class. The two winners will receive their stars at the end of the day and will be able to take them home to keep. A personal message will be written on the star, informing you on how brilliantly your child has applied themselves that day. Stars can be achieved in many ways, including outstanding: school work, behaviour, manners and acts of kindness.

Wish Bear

In the same ways that a child can win a Star, one child a day will also win Wish Bear. He will come home with a book for the child to write in about their adventures that they had together after school.

House Points

The children will be placed into different Houses. This will encourage the children to work as part of a team. The House with the largest amount of House Points will win a prize at the end of term!

General Reminders

The children will be taking part in PE two times a week. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled. We also encourage children to practise getting dressed at home to help them get changed quickly in school.

Any letters or reply slips, which need to be returned, can be put in your child’s book bag. The children are encouraged to check them each morning and give things in after the register. Dinner money needs to be labelled clearly inside an envelope and either given to the office or to myself at the beginning of the week.

We are looking forward to enjoying a wonderful year with the new Year 1 children!

Many thanks and best wishes,