News - Year 3 Autumn Term Planning

Year 3 Autumn Term Planning

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Characteristics of materials

The children will be given the opportunity to explore different materials and think in particularly about their properties. They will be testing whether objects are magnetic, waterproof, can float or can be changed in any way. They will also be looking at whether changes are reversible or irreversible.

Teeth and Eating

This will have a close link to PSHE as the children will be thinking about what is needed to keep healthy. The children will learn all about the teeth and the importance of keeping them healthy. They will also be considering their diet and how this can affect their health and well-being.

History Ancient Egyptians

The children will be exploring Ancient Egypt by looking at a range of different evidence and artefacts. This topic has proven very popular in past years as many of the children find the process of mummification very interesting. We will be briefly touching on the traditions of the Ancient Egyptians although our main focus is to identify their lifestyle through the examination of artefacts.

Geography Weather around the World .

This unit will explore different countries, their weather and how this affects the lifestyle that they lead. To introduce the unit the children will be thinking about where they have been in the World, (this includes different areas in the UK as well) The children are asked to write a report about where they have been, what the weather was like and what the landscape was like. It would be great if you had discussed this with your son/ daughter beforehand. The children will also be expected to create a short presentation about somewhere they have been on holiday to or somewhere that they would like to visit- again this does no have to be abroad. We ask that the presentation should last between 3-5 minutes and children can use a range of different props. If the children would like to use the computer they can but it is not compulsory for this presentation. The presentations are due in on Monday 1st November.

Music The children will be learning to play Samba throughout the year, this is an excellent opportunity for the children and hopefully they will enjoy this new experience.


Invasion Games

During this term the children will be learning how to play Quick Sticks (Hockey). They will gain a better understanding of how to move the ball from one place to another whilst keeping it under control. We will also be focusing on spatial awareness and thinking about how we can watch the ball as well as looking at where we are going. For this activity it is advisable to wear shin pads and trainers rather than pumps. Some parents may wish to buy mouth guards although at this level the only injuries that may occur are bruises to their legs.


This topic will be based on the children being given a range of different stimulus and helping them to listen to the music to decide what kind of dance would be appropriate. The children will be experiencing a range of different dances- modern, country, tap etc. If any Parents/ Carers or Grandparents are especially good in any areas of Dance please come and see Mrs Hogarth so that maybe you could come and share your expertise with the class.


Features of a word processing program.

The children will be learning the skills involved in using Microsoft Word and using these to create pieces of work in other subjects including Literacy, History and PSHE. The children will also be learning some of the skills involved in creating PowerPoint presentations.

Manipulating music.

The children will be using a range of different software to explore sounds. This unit will be closely linked to the Music scheme of work.


New Beginnings.

The children will be thinking about how they feel when they are put in different situations. These sessions will include a lot of role play and discussion. They will also be learning how to manage their feelings.

Anti-bullying week

The children will be discussing what constitutes as bullying and how it can be prevented in the future. The children will be participating in a range of activities, many of which will be cross curricular.

Staying safe

The children will also be taught about some of the dangers of drugs. In Year 3 the children will be talking about different medicines and how important it is for them to be kept in a safe place and never to take medicine when it is not needed, The children will also be thinking about peer pressure and how we can all make decisions for ourselves and should be led by other people who may be leading us into trouble.


Investigating pattern

Investigating pattern is all about children looking at different patterns and identifying what they are made up of. They will be looking at a range of different patterns including wall paper, wrapping paper, Indian art work and modern pieces of art. After analysing different patterns the children will be creating their own pattern. This made be made up of many different medias and can include different influences. If anybody has got any excess wall paper at home that they do not mind the children cutting up please send it into class with your child.



This topic will be closely linked to the Science topic- exploring different materials. The children will be investigating different packaging and identifying why they think that they have been used for that specific job. They will then be given a specification for a new product that is being brought out onto the market, their job then will be to design and make packaging that will be fulfill the criterion that was set out in the specification.

We would appreciate different types of packaging brought in for this topic as the children will need to explore lots of designs before they can make theirs. Examples would include – cereal boxes, bottles of shampoo, a range of different sweet containers (different shapes) etc. We would appreciate these items being brought in from the 13th September.

Worship Throughout the year the children in Year 3 will be asked to create and lead a worship. This will involve a group of 2 or 3 children coming together to plan what they are going to do. The children will be given a planning prompt sheet to help them but we ask that parents/ carers help them in doing this by offering ideas. We ask that the children choose a theme that is important to them and then find a Bible reading that is related to their theme, they should then reflect on the piece of scripture, this could be through questions, actions or a simple piece of music. The Worship should last between 5 and 10 minutes.


The Christian Family

During this topic we will be thinking carefully about families. We will also be thinking about Baptism and the symbols that are used within the ceremony, if your child has been baptized and would like to bring any pictures or artefacts (christening gown/ baptismal candle) please put them in a clearly labelled bag.

Mary our Mother

We will be thinking about the Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the significance of her to our faith.


The children will be preparing for Christmas thinking about what Advent means and why it is so important.

Children will be creating a range of different activities associated with Advent including making their own advent calendars and a class Advent Wreath.