News - Year 3 Welcome letter

Year 3 Welcome letter

As we start a new school year, I feel that it is important to inform you of the expectations and some of the activities that are happening this term. The children are already aware of some of these expectations as they have had the chance to meet me as their new class teacher in the last few weeks of the Summer term.

Year 3 is a big step for the children as they are moving from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. They are encouraged to gain in independence by organising themselves and taking responsibility for their own learning, for some this is a very difficult task. The way that you can help your child to do this is by allowing them to take more responsibility with their homework, their reading books etc.

The children will no longer be receiving milk and fruit in school but I encourage them to bring in some fruit from home as some of the children get very hungry on the approach to lunch time. It is really important that all children have got a water bottle in class at all times as this would reduce the amount of disruption that your children has by not having to go to the water fountain.

Your son/ daughter will be given Literacy and Numeracy homework on a Monday. The Literacy homework will be the spellings for the week, the children will then be tested on the 16 spellings the following Monday. The Numeracy homework will be a sheet/ activity to consolidate what the children have been learning. This will be due in the following Monday. Both pieces of homework should be completed and put into the folder provided. The children should be responsible for putting their homework in the tray although we will remind them for the first few weeks.

It is important that the children have full PE kit in school at all times. All items of the kit should be clearly labelled in order to prevent it from getting lost. If for any reason your child takes their kit home it is essential that they return it the following day.

If you would like to come and see me for any reason please approach me after school or alternatively make an appointment at the o